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5 Tips To Paint Your Facade To Perfection!

Taking care of your facade paint yourself can allow you to renovate your facade wall at a lower cost. But it would be a lie to say that painting a facade is easy. You will indeed need a good method and a lot of practice to paint a facade wall correctly. We have gathered here five essential tips to know before starting your painting work!

Plan The Paint Job!

Once you have all the permits from the town hall, you will have to actively prepare the painting of the facade. Painting a facade cannot be improvised. To be successful, it will be necessary to plan the work carefully:

  • Examine the weather: the ideal is to paint a facade under moderate temperature and without wind, preferably in spring. Sunshine periods will also be avoided. Anyway, check that it will not rain before, during, or after the facade painting.
  • Buy the right equipment: you will need to gather the right equipment and choose exterior wall paint. The latter must be perfectly adapted to your facade material.
  • Prepare the site: before painting, remember to protect the floor, as well as the windows, with tarpaulins and marking tape. The ideal is to remove the shutters when painting a facade.

Repair A Damaged Facade

You know this if you often read our painting advice: successful painting jobs require perfectly prepared support. Well, your facade is no exception to the rule!

If you have a facade covered with foam, damaged by marks or cracks, or even particularly dirty, do not even think of taking out your paint roller.

You will have to start by preparing the facade, through brushing, dusting, and surface repairs. If necessary, high-pressure cleaning may be required. But it will then be necessary to let the facade dry for 24 to 48 hours to prevent it from being waterlogged.

Use A Facade Primer.

Just as we recommend for painting concrete blocks or bricks, it is recommended to use a primer when you want to paint your facade.

Indeed, even a perfectly prepared facade will need a base. The primer will guarantee better adhesion of the paint and greater resistance to humidity.

In other words, not applying a primer would force you to use more paint, and could ruin your effect.

Paint With The Method!

Finally, it will be important to follow a very specific painting technique. It’s not about painting the entire facade as you see fit!

For a perfect and streak-free result, we recommend working in small areas (about one square meter). You will work from top to bottom, starting with a vertical layer, which will be followed by a second horizontal layer.

To avoid streaks, it is essential to paint a front wall in one go. If you think you don’t have time to finish the wall, don’t start it!

Now you know the best tips for successfully painting your facade. 

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