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Different Ways To Paint The Headboard Wall

Decorating the wall of the headboard of the bed can be very simple; these are some original and cheap ideas to paint the wall in one or two colors and create a renovated bedroom.

Paint the entire wall a different color

Let’s start with the classic of a lifetime: highlighting one bedroom wall from the others is one of the most used resources. The choice of color should not be isolated, but in tune with the palette chosen for decoration. The 60, 30, and 10 percent rule can help you select colors optimally.

Use some decorative painting techniques.

Similar to the previous point, but using a special type of paint or some decorative technique that makes a difference between the shades of the other walls. The use of stripes or geometric figures can also be included as a simple and highly decorative resource.

Exceeds the boundaries of the headboard with color

These are something more original, and that is becoming fashionable. The same color of the headboard wall extends to the other walls, including the ceiling and floor. Apparently, the bed enters a different area of ​​the room, and at first glance, the wall is slightly larger than real a simple but interesting trick.

Paint the wall halfway up

To create a distinctive detail, it is not necessary to paint the entire wall; it is also enough to go halfway, the height is up to you. It is an appropriate resource in small environments, without affecting the luminosity or reducing the perception of space. In addition, a touch of color is quickly and easily created in the bedroom.

Create a headboard with paint from nothing

And if your bed does not have a headboard … what if you create one ? with the design and colors you want. Here the limit is the imagination; if not … you have thousands of examples in the network of painted headboards for all tastes, from mandalas, flourishes, geometric shapes, imitation of classic headboards, and even the use of wallpapers or vinyl.

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